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A20VLO190DRS 10R-NZD24N00 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump A20VLO190 A20VLO260 R902150737 R902087709 Excavator Equipment

A20VLO190DRS 10R-NZD24N00 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump A20VLO190 A20VLO260 R902150737 R902087709 Excavator Equipment

  • High Light

    10R-NZD24N00 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump


    A20VLO190 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump


    A20VLO190DRS Rexroth Hydraulic Pump

  • Usage
    Hydraulic Piston Pump
  • Application
    Hydraulic Pumps,exvacator
  • Power
  • Pressure
    High Pressure
  • Fuel
  • Standard Or Nonstandard
  • Product Name
    Rexroth Hydraulic Pump
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Condition
    100%new,New Rexroth Pump, New & Original,Oringal New
  • Feature
    High Efficiency,Long Life
  • Type
    Hydraulic Pump Rexroth
  • Name
    Rexroth Piston Pump,excavator Pump Parts Rexroth Pump Hydraulic Pumps
  • Origin
    100% Original Rexroth Gear Pump
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A20VLO190DRS 10R-NZD24N00 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump A20VLO190 A20VLO260 R902150737 R902087709 Excavator Equipment

Bosch RexrothA20VLO190 A20VLO260 A20VLO520 high pressure A20VLO Series hydraulic Piston pump for Loader


Product Name
A20V(L)O Piston Pump
Nominal Pressure
250 Bar
Peak Pressure
315 Bar


A20VLO190DRS 10R-NZD24N00 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump A20VLO190 A20VLO260 R902150737 R902087709 Excavator Equipment 0


A20VLO190DRS 10R-NZD24N00 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump A20VLO190 A20VLO260 R902150737 R902087709 Excavator Equipment 1



1. Bosch Rexroth Pump A20VLO190DRS/10R-NZD24N00


  • Nominal size: 190
  • Rotational speed: 2500 rpm.
  • Capacity: 350 bar
  • Torque: 400 bar
  • Rotational speed limit: 2500 rpm.

2. BOSCH Rexroth A A4F O 125 /30R-PPB25N00 | R902420734 Axial piston pump


  • Nominal pressure: up to 400 bar
  • Maximum pressure: up to 450 bar
  • Open path
  • Axial-piston hydraulic motor with inclined washer
  • Working connections: SAE flanges
  • Low noise intensity

We also offer for delivery the new Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps A4VG40; A4VG56; A4VG71; A4VG180; A10VSO28; A10VSO100; A10VSO140; A4VG90; A4VSO180; A4VSO250DR; A6VM160HD2E; A7VO160EP; A10VO28; A10VO45; A10VSO10; A11VO260; A20VLO190; A4FO125; A4VSO250; A11VLO260DRS


Double axial-piston hydraulic pump A20VO
Compact pump for machines
with multi-circuit systems Features:
• Compact pump for installation in confined spaces through a common plate for both rotary groups
• One common suction port
• Drive for installing secondary pumps• Pump consists
of well-proven components (A11VO, A10VO or A4VSO)
• A wide variety of controls.
R902150737 AA20VLO190DR/10L-WXD07N00T-S,
R902087709 AA20VLO190DRG/10L-NXDXXN00-S,
R902083922 AA20VLO190DRG/10L-NXDXXN00-S,
R902087253 AA20VLO190DRG/10L-NXDXXN00-S,
R902076919 AA20VLO190EP4D/10L-NXDXXN00XT-S,
R902150736 AA20VLO190EP4D/10L-WXD07N00T-S,
R902053304 AA20VLO190EP4D/10R-NXDXXN00X-S,
R902081080 AA20VLO190EP4D/10R-NXDXXN00XT-S,
R902063084 AA20VLO190EP4D/10R-NXDXXN00XT-S,
R902164192 AA20VLO190EP4D/10R-WXD07N00T-S,
R902150735 AA20VLO190EPXD/10L-XXDXXN00X-S,
R902158360 AA20VLO190EPXD/10R-NXDXXN00XP-S,
R902081336 A20VLO190DR/10R-NZD24N00
R902099750 A20VLO190DRL/10R-NPD24N00-S,
R902105338 A20VLO190DRS/10R-NZD24N00
R992000414 A20VLO190DRS/10R-NZD24N00
R902228159 A20VLO190DRS/10R-NZD24N00
R902233379 A20VLO190EP2D/10L-NZD24K02P
R902243335 A20VLO190EP2D/10L-NZD24K02P-S,
R902030348 A20VLO190EP2D/10L-NZD24K07-S,
R902063078 A20VLO190EP2D/10L-NZD24K07H-S,
R902079296 A20VLO190EP2D/10L-NZD24N00H-S,
R902080028 A20VLO190EP2D/10R-NZD24N00H
R902102161 A20VLO190EP6D/10L-NZD24K07H-S,
R902102162 A20VLO190EP6D/10L-NZD24N00H-S,
R902220401 A20VLO190EP6D/10R+ A11VO60DR/10R
R902248462 A20VLO190EP6D/10R-NZD24N00H-S,R902255635
R902075990 A20VLO190LE2DH2+A10VO28DR-K
R902074984 A20VLO190LE2DH2/10R-NZD24K02
R902031480 A20VLO190LE2S5/10R-NZG24K01-VORAB-R902220341
R902106394 A20VLO190LG1DH2/10L-NTD24N00-Y
R902228161 A20VLO190LG1DH2/10L-NTD24N00-Y
R902112595 A20VLO190LG1S/10L-NZD24K17-S,
R902087732 A20VLO190LG1S/10R-NZD24K02-S,
R902228153 A20VLO190LG1S/10R-NZD24K02-S,
R902228155 A20VLO190LG1S/10R-NZD24K02-S,
R902228152 A20VLO190LG1S/10R-NZD24K02-S,
R902087154 A20VLO190LG1S/10R-NZD24K04
R902241956 A20VLO190LG1S5/ 10R-NZD24K02-S,
R902228164 A20VLO190LG1S5/10R-NZD24K04-Y
R902243130 A20VLO190LG1S5/10R-NZD24K04-Y
R902243208 A20VLO190LG1S5/10R-NZD24K81-Y
R902061769 A20VLO190LG1S5/10R-NZG24N00-S,
R902066852 A20VLO190LG1S5/10R-NZG24N00-S,
R902223168 A20VLO190LG1S5/10R-NZG24N00-S,
R902044287 A20VLO190LG2H2+A4VG56EP2D1
R902060885 A20VLO190LG2H2+A4VG56EP2D1
R902040591 A20VLO190LG2H2+A4VG56EP2D1
R902114611 A20VLO190LG2H2+A4VG56EP4D1
R902040580 A20VLO190LG2H2/10R-NZD24K07
R902064653 A20VLO190LRDCH2+A10VO28DR-K
R902050294 A20VLO190LRDCH2+A10VO28DR-K
R902050296 A20VLO190LRDCH2/10R-NZD24K02
R902048130 A20VLO190LRDCH6/10R-NZG24N00
R902050303 A20VLO190LRDCS/10R-NZD24K02
R902050302 A20VLO190LRDCS/10R-NZD24K02-K
R902250591 A20VLO190LRDH1+A11VO40DR+AZPGFF-22-063/0
R902247098 A20VLO190LRDH1/10R+A11VO40DR/10R+AZPGFF
R902063315 A20VLO190LRDH1/10R-NZD24K02
R902228150 A20VLO190LRDH1/10R-NZD24K02
R902076860 A20VLO190LRDH1/10R-NZD24K79
R902228151 A20VLO190LRDH1/10R-NZD24K79
R902233880 A20VLO190LRDH2+A10VO28DR
R902090544 A20VLO190LRDH2/10R-NTD24K01
R902090545 A20VLO190LRDH2/10R-NTD24K01-K
R902227814 A20VLO190LRDH2/10R-NZD24K02
R902233879 A20VLO190LRDH2/10R-NZD24K02
R902248013 A20VLO190LRGH2+A10VO28DR
R902104205 A20VLO190LRS5/10R-NZG24N00-S,